Function 4 Life came about as a collaboration between three friends who also have a professional/client relationship. Dave has been Jo’s Trainer for 5 years working her through dysfunction on her right side following hip resurfacing surgery three years previous. A bonus was 50lb weight loss.

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The Importance of PNF Stretching and Myofascial Release

At Function 4 Life, PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation – for the technical among you) Stretching and Myofascial Release go hand in hand in keeping your muscles healthy.

Our everyday lives necessitate us being in the same posture too much – think desk work and driving – and it’s rarely the correct posture.  This leads to muscles becoming shortened and tight due to overuse and fatigue. Additionally, we form adhesions and connective tissue which is not needed and this is where myofascial release aids stretching.

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