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The Benefits of Healthy Fascia

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The Benefits of Healthy Fascia

We all know that is important to keep our bodies in peak shape.

We exercise to keep our muscles strong, we watch our eating to keep our arteries clear, and we watch our posture to ensure our bones stay in their proper alignment. But one part that is as vital to our health is often overlooked … It’s called fascia, and many people don’t even know what it is, let alone the benefits of keeping it healthy.

The fascia is the interconnective tissue that is found throughout the entire body. It is a membrane that connects and supports your muscles, veins, and bones. The reason that your body stays upright the way that it does, and the reason that your organs are separated in the way they are meant to be, is all thanks to your fascia (Thank you, fascia!). The health of your fascia determines your stability, flexibility, and mobility. If you keep this membrane hydrated with healthy blood-flow, your body is much more efficient at moving around.

However, if you neglect your fascia, you can be at risk for a number of alarming issues. Many of the aches and misalignments we experience are actually a result of an unhealthy fascia rather than any problem inherent to your joints or muscles. In more serious cases, it can put you at risk for chronic pain, and conditions like TMJ and fibromyalgia.


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The benefits of keeping your fascia healthy are many, but here are six of the most important according to our experts:

• Healthy fascia will help improve your posture. Bad posture is a near epidemic in the United States and can lead to severe issues later in life, so keeping your fascia healthy will  keep you mobile and capable for years to come.

• Many people experience chronic pain because of unhealthy or infected fascia. Relieving this pain can make all the difference when it comes to improving quality of life.

• Many of the aches and pains we associate with aging are due to your fascia; if it is healthy on the other hand, it is the most effective anti-aging process there is when it comes to your joints and mobility.

• Obviously, a more mobile and flexible body leads to better performance in all sporting events.

• Stronger fascia means a stronger body, which means fewer injuries. Fewer injuries mean more time that you can spend doing the things you love, rather than recovering.

• More flexibility means more options in the bedroom. You may find that some positions that seemed impossible before are suddenly easy while being intimate with your partner … Bonus!


These are just a few of the benefits you may experience when you start taking care of your fascia. Paired with the right diet and exercise, you will get these, and much more!

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