Function 4 Life came about as a collaboration between three friends who also have a professional/client relationship. Dave has been Jo’s Trainer for 5 years working her through dysfunction on her right side following hip resurfacing surgery three years previous. A bonus was 50lb weight loss.

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The Season of Giving Just Got More Functional

The Season of Giving Just Got More Functional

With the holidays upon us, now is the time to seek out gifts that add meaning to someone’s life. According to a Consumer Reports poll, a total of 43 percent of respondents—48 percent of women and 37 percent of men—said they’d prefer the gift of a special experience. The majority (82%) were hoping for “a practical gift rather than a luxury splurge.”

Giving a sweet treat, sparkly bow tie or crystal vase might be a nice gesture, but it’s probably not the gift your recipient really wants.

Instead, try honing in on your loved one’s lifestyle and try to assess what he or she could really use. Isn’t it so much more rewarding when your hard-earned money goes toward a gift that is not only appreciated, but actually creates an impact?

Functional Gift for the Holidays | Function 4 Life

Use code F4LGift for a special holiday discount!

At Function 4 Life, we say, “seek no more!”

Ditch tradition and give a practical, functional gift. With a gift card for a F4L session(s)—a combination of massage and myofascial release therapy—you can show your recipient how much you care about his or her needs. All of us know someone who is experiencing acute or chronic pain; a neighbor, family member or friend who deserves some relaxation and comfort. By purchasing an online gift card to our location, you are offering your recipient targeted, therapeutic massage to ease sore muscles and provide pain relief. Maybe you even have an athletic friend who needs some “tuning up” between workouts. Our 2-in-1 holiday gift card offers instant and long-term relief for your recipient (while deterring you from a potentially stressful shopping experience).

Function 4 Life Movement Specialists are trained in Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST), a pain-free, unique system of dynamic stretching with long-lasting results. Each F4L session is customized for the client. Our specialists deliver just what the client needs, such as addressing tight areas and assisting with lengthening and opening. Our client base covers a wide age range and includes athletes, weekend warriors and busy professionals — both injured and healthy. For the everyday person with a sedentary job involving continuous sitting and/or driving, sessions are focused on improving posture and functionality. For the weekend warrior or athlete, sessions are intended to eliminate trigger points, reduce stiffness in joints and reduce tightness in muscles. We have tailored packages to help approximately 80% of our clientele for both corrective and preventative treatments, and will customize treatments to each individual client.

By combining massage and myofascial release therapy, we create a dialogue between the sensory (how we feel) neurons and motor (how we move) neurons, which is crucial for healthy tissues. Massage targets the superficial fascia surrounding muscles and releases surface adhesion, tightness and stiffness. Myofascial release therapy, a safe and effective hands-on technique that involves gentle, sustained pressure to the fascia, is intended to eliminate pain and restore motion. Together, they reduce joint stiffness by expanding the joint capsules and reducing tightness in muscles. Clients benefit from this dual approach by becoming stronger and taller, feeling a reduction in pain and having a more youthful appearance. What a great way to end the year, right?

Ready to cross people off your shopping list? We’re here to help you in three easy steps:

  1. Click here to review our pricing and Restorative Packages to determine a gift amount for each of your gift recipients.
  2. Take note of our holiday promo code so you can get 30% off all 1+ hour sessions, packages and gift cards: F4LGIFT
  3. Visit this site to make your purchase(s). You can choose to have the virtual gift card emailed instantly to your recipient or set it to be sent at a later date.

Then, kick back, sip some hot cocoa and pat yourself on the back for your practical and functional approach to gift giving this holiday season!

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