Function 4 Life came about as a collaboration between three friends who also have a professional/client relationship. Dave has been Jo’s Trainer for 5 years working her through dysfunction on her right side following hip resurfacing surgery three years previous. A bonus was 50lb weight loss.

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Tangible Ways to Improve Your Health (and Meet Your Resolutions!)

2019 New Year Function 4 Life

Tangible Ways to Improve Your Health (and Meet Your Resolutions!)

Whew! You made it through the holidays. What may have felt like a monumental feat at the start of December is now behind you. After all that preparation and celebration, now is the time to breathe deeply, reflect on good times, and plan for the new year (and maybe return some of those unwanted holiday gifts).

As part of your planning, ask yourself what you hope to achieve in 2019 in all aspects of your life.

We at Function 4 Life like this list from, which focuses on 5-minute self-care solutions. We may be biased, but #17 is our fave! Health and fitness goals typically top the list of New Year’s resolutions. According to a poll on, getting more exercise, eating right and saving money ranked the highest on a poll about resolutions.

Prepare for Resolutions Function 4 Life

If you’re like millions of other Americans who pledge to exercise more, you know one of the biggest challenges is actually sticking to your goal. Before you know it, daily duties and obligations take over, summer is nearing and you’re nowhere close to achieving what you had hoped. We have a few tangible solutions to this dilemma.

#1. Be SPECIFIC with your goals.

For example, instead of pledging to work out more, make it a goal to work out three times a week. Being as specific as possible makes it easier to stay accountable to each goal. Make your goals SMART (as in specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound). As The New York Times points out, SMART is a tried-and-true business management tool that can also help you stick to your personal resolutions.

#2. Add stretching to your daily regimen.

Remember the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz? He got nowhere without oiling his joints. Without oiling your joints (and by that we mean stretching daily so don’t go reaching for Crisco), we all stiffen up. This does a disservice to the body and makes exercising goals even harder to achieve.

According to, “flexibility training is something most people put in the backseat when it comes to fitness, but the reality is stretching allows you to have a better range of motion and mobility. And, better range of motion means you can lunge lower and jump higher, which translates to more effective workouts.” For even more compelling reasons to stretch, check out the full article here.

#3. Consider a professional to help you achieve your goals.

Our movement specialists are trained to relieve pain, increase mobility and help you reach your targets. “We figure out what each individual’s goal is,” said Function 4 Life Movement Specialist Niki. “Whether the client wants to be able to do a deeper squat or break up scar tissue or be able to join a college golf team at 50, we want to meet their goals,” she said.

The reality is that keeping resolutions is hard and, in truth, most Americans don’t succeed on this front. To all Function 4 Life new, present and future clients, we want you to know how much we care about your success. We want to see you knock off your 2019 bucket list items one-by-one and hope to be part of that process!

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