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Stretched Too Thin For Time With Your Beau? Try Stretching Together

Valentine's Day Partner Stretching Ideas | Function 4 Life

Stretched Too Thin For Time With Your Beau? Try Stretching Together

If you’re in a relationship, you might find it hard to actually grow that relationship. Between work, school or raising a family, you and your honey probably spend most of the week crossing items off of a checklist instead of creating meaningful experiences with one another. During this month of love, we’re here to remind you that quality time with your beau is vital to the health and longevity of your relationship. (As if you needed a reminder, right?)


If you find yourself at a crossroads with Cupid this February, try using Valentine’s Day as an excuse to break the daily grind and have some fun with your beau!


At Function 4 Life, we suggest keeping it simple by coupling up on the things you need to do. By making a solo activity a partner activity, you create a bonding experience while having fun and staying on top of your needs. Stretching together is a great way to achieve all of that and more!

Stretching helps alleviate pain, increase flexibility, aid in sleep and make your workouts more effective. Aren’t those the benefits that both you and your partner could use? After all, the act of stretching at home together is cheaper than a date night (and probably easier to coordinate with your schedules). According to, partner stretching “can help you achieve a greater degree of flexibility and range of motion” while helping you vary your workout and give you motivation.


We love the following thigh stretches recommended for partners.

Love these Valentine's Day Partner Stretching Ideas | Function 4 Life

For more examples, see the entire article here.

Thigh Stretch 1 (for quadriceps): Lie on your stomach. Have your partner grasp your lower leg and help you gently bend it toward your buttock until you feel the stretch on the front of the thigh. While your partner provides resistance, try to push leg back for 3 to 5 seconds. Relax, then partner helps you bend your leg again until you feel the stretch again; hold for 5 seconds. Repeat, then switch legs.

Thigh Stretch 2 (for hamstrings): Lie on back. With partner’s help, lift one leg and rest it on partner’s shoulder until you feel the stretch in the back of thigh; keep hips down, do not strain (bend the other knee, if this is more comfortable). Hold for 5 seconds. While your partner provides resistance, push leg down for 3 to 5 seconds. Relax, then your partner helps you lift your leg higher until you feel greater stretch; hold for 5 seconds. Repeat, then switch legs.


We’re not suggesting that you ditch the chocolate and roses this Valentine’s Day. Go the extra mile to add in a partner activity with your gift. Your sweetheart may even like an upgraded surprise, such as an introductory assessment with our trained movement specialists. 

Ready to conquer that common “stretched too thin” feeling by actually stretching together? You might have so much fun doing it that “coupling up” will last long after February. Chances are, so too will your relationship.

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