Function 4 Life came about as a collaboration between three friends who also have a professional/client relationship. Dave has been Jo’s Trainer for 5 years working her through dysfunction on her right side following hip resurfacing surgery three years previous. A bonus was 50lb weight loss.

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How to Prevent the Dangers of Prolonged Sitting at Work


How to Prevent the Dangers of Prolonged Sitting at Work

Often times, the world of work requires that you sit at a desk for several hours each weekday, promoting an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately, this ‘workstyle’ creates all kinds of health problems such as a higher chance of:

(A) Cancer

(B) Being overweight

(C) Developing Type 2 diabetes

(D) Heart disease

(E) Experiencing depression and anxiety, etc.

The thing is, the human body is structured to stand upright. In an upright position, your heart and cardiovascular system perform at their best. The same is true for your bowels.

Siting for long periods of time can also lead to a weakening of the large leg and bum muscles. Weak large muscles expose you to more injury and strains during exercises.

Since you can’t do without sitting for long periods of time [especially if you’re the non-field, office type], then your goal is to try to achieve good posture while you sit. Good sitting posture can alleviate the side effects of prolonged sitting, thereby optimizing your health and effectiveness at work.

Here Are 3 Pro Tips on How to Sit Up Straight at Work

Tip #1: Get a Comfortable Chair


A comfy chair has to live up to its name, meaning it must be adjustable so you can set the height to a level you’re most comfortable with. It should also have a mesh back to keep your back cozy even in hot weather. Also, make sure that the chair supports your lower back.


Tip #2: Get a Desk That is the Right Height For You



This is because your arms should form an angle between 90 and 120 degrees for best results. In addition, a desk with a rounded front edge will significantly reduce pressure on your wrist and hand as you use a keyboard and mouse.


Tip #3: Make Sure Your PC or laptop Has a Bright, Visible Screen

A not-so-bright screen means you would have to unconsciously lean forward to see things clearly. Use your monitor’s brightness buttons to adjust the brightness to a level you’re most comfortable with while sitting up straight. A rule of thumb is to position the monitor an arm’s length from your face.

Make sure you try and follow these tips to help keep the prolonged effects of excessive sitting in check.

My company, Function 4 Life, specializes in keeping professionals balanced through myofascial techniques and treatments. Each team member has had our own life-changing experiences with the benefits provided by Fascial Stretch Therapy and myofascial release, and now it’s your turn to feel the level of comfort you deserve.

It’s your turn to maximize your function for life:

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