Function 4 Life came about as a collaboration between three friends who also have a professional/client relationship. Dave has been Jo’s Trainer for 5 years working her through dysfunction on her right side following hip resurfacing surgery three years previous. A bonus was 50lb weight loss.

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What are the health benefits combining massage and Fascial Stretch Therapy?

By combining the two we create a dialogue between the sensory (how we feel) neurons and motor (how we move) neurons which is crucial for healthy tissue. The massage targets the superficial fascia surrounding your muscles and releases these surface adhesions, tightness and stiffness. The Fascial Stretch Therapy is a safe and effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure to the fascia intended to eliminate pain and restore motion.  Together they reduce joint stiffness by expanding the joint capsules and reduces tightness in muscles, which benefits include making you stronger, making you taller, reducing pain and creating a younger appearance by improving your posture.

What is the science of F4L’s method?

Today, the world of fascia research has turned our perceptions of body form and function, structure and physiology upside down. Fascia has become the new darling of science such that novel discoveries are surfacing at a rapid pace.

We describe fascia as a 3D web like tissue that connects, and runs through all of our skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and organs. This extensive connective tissue holds our internal body in place. It is both strong and flexible but repeated incorrect movements cause it to adhere incorrectly. These adhesions cause pain and affect our physical and emotional well-being.

What makes Function4Life’s combination of massage and Myofascial Stretch Therapy different from other sports stretching?

The primary difference–Function4Life Movement Specialists are trained in the Fascial Stretch Therapy system. FST is a no pain, very gentle, unique system of dynamic stretching which has long lasting results. It’s unique because every session is customized for you. No standard procedures just what your body needs! Each session is customized to your particular needs – what’s tight, what needs lengthening, what needs opening, what area needs extra time.

Who do our sessions help?

Our clients are all ages and include athletes, weekend warriors and busy professionals; both injured and healthy.  For the everyday person with a sedentary job involving continuous sitting and/or driving, sessions are focused to improve your posture and functionality to provide a pain free life. For the weekend warrior or athlete, our sessions are intended to eliminate trigger points, reduce stiffness in joints and reduces tightness in muscles.  We have created tailored packages to help approximately 80% of our clientele for both corrective and preventative treatments, and will customize treatments to each individual client.

Can I expect to see results after only one session and how will a session make me feel?

Yes! We get fast results–so after 1 to 3 sessions you will be well on your way to being pain free, if not completely pain free. As well as feeling lighter, moving easier, feeling taller, and having greater mobility, restored function and reduced stress.

Can Function 4 Life correct my posture?

Absolutely—correcting posture is high on F4L’s priority list!  By manipulating, lengthening, re-aligning and re-organizing your fascia our Movement Specialist will increase the space in your joints and eliminate trigger points and adhesions (strains)—all which will help to correct posture.  Once you experience Facial Stretch Therapy you will see how it brings an awareness to your proper posture. Ask your Movement Specialist about posture correcting Rock Tape to prolong the benefits of your session.

Can F4L help me improve as an athlete?

Yes. Our method improves flexibility in your fascia—the most prevalent tissue in your body – leading to healthy circulation in your muscles, joints, arteries, veins, brain and spinal cord. Past and present injuries are targeted to restore you to full ‘athlete’ mode.

What if I have an injury, can F4L help heal a new or old injury?

We always advise clients who have chronic injuries (example: ruptured tendons) to get clearance from their doctor before a Function 4 Life session.  Massage and Facial Stretch Therapy will aid with rehabilitation, help with swelling reduction and breaking up scar tissue.  For most injuries our treatments help in relieving pain and increasing function in 1 to 3 sessions.  We work with clients who have sprains and tears, post-surgery rotator cuff rehabilitation, herniated discs as well as meniscus tears. A majority of clients who work with a Function 4 Life Movement Specialist on a regular basis do so as an extra measure in injury prevention.

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